Brass / Horn Cleaning

Ultrasonic Clean

Affordable Pricing

Only $50 for horn cleaning. Horns are returned clean within 24 hours. Horns will be cleaned in a timely manner so students get their horns back in 24 hours. To ensure quick turn around only one or two horns are scheduled per day.


Brass Instrument Cleaning


Ultrasonic Clean

The Ultrasonic cleaning machine safely and gently cleans slides, valves, and mouthpieces.

Then it is scrubadubdub the larger low brass parts which are done by hand.


Evelyn Talbot has been an incredible teacher for our son. He had been languishing in his study of the trumpet, bored and uninspired, but once he started taking lessons with Evelyn, that changed. He was excited to work on new material, he quickly had an improved tone, his technic became more refined, but most of all he enjoyed working with her. Her energy, spirit, determination, and great sense of humor were a perfect fit for our 14yr old son. We were so thankful to find Evelyn when we did – our son was thinking about quitting trumpet and band, but she managed to re-engage him and ignite a new desire to learn his instrument. Any student would be lucky to work with such an energetic, knowledgeable and caring teacher.

Melissa Johansen